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At All Kinds of Minds,we are experts in learning. For more than a decade, we have been translating the latest research from multiple disciplines into a framework to help schools and teachers better understand how students learn and vary in their learning. And we’ve been working with educators to shape this knowledge into strategies and practices that will help students find success – including the students who are currently struggling with learning.

As a nonprofit organization, we partner with schools, districts, states, higher education, foundations, and other organizations to

  • raise awareness about the value of and need for the science of learning in our schools
  • provide educators with research-based training and tools they can use in their classrooms
  • continue to build the field of knowledge about learning and its variation
  • demonstrate and validate new models for building learning expertise within the teaching profession 

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Visit All Kinds of Minds on the web at: www.allkindsofminds.org